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Hello, I am Tomoya Watanabe (the University of Tsukuba/ College of international studies).

This time I will write an article about a temple in the Yoshinuma area.

The first is Daishoji. This temple was built in the 15th century and was very impressive. One of the most impressive things about this was that there was a torii gate on the temple grounds. Since the torii is located in a shrine, this space may be a mixture of two religions. Such is not usually possible in Christianity and Islam, but in Japan, Buddhism and Shinto have long been fused.

The shrine also had two colorful statues. It is known as the Kongo Rikishi statue, a god who pays off enemies and protects Buddhism. The names are Agyou and Ungyou respectively. This is a statue of the the Kongo Rikishi statue, and the thing at Todaiji Temple (right) is very famous. It's a little different when compared ...

Next is Shohukuji. This temple was built on the site where the castle used to be, and has a very large site. In particular, the approach to the main hall is very long, and there are tombs and Jizo on both sides, so you can feel the Buddha strongly. In addition, the golden decoration of the main hall was also very beautiful.

And this Shohukuji is a temple of Shingon sect. Speaking of Shingon sect, Kukai, a famous monk, is a sect of Buddhism that opened in the 9th century. The main teaching of this Shingon sect is that anyone can become a Buddha by practicing body, language and mind. The picture below says "Namudaishihenzyoukongo", which means that you will return to Kukai.

Finally, I will introduce sokusei ji. This temple is built next to Yoshinuma Nursery School, as you can see from the picture, and the main temple is Amida Nyorai. Amida Nyorai is also known as Amida Buddha, and more than half of Japanese temples are Amida Nyorai, a very important Buddhist statue in Buddhism.

Above we introduced the temple of Yoshinuma. Temples have different characteristics depending on the sect. Please see the difference for yourself.


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