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Castle ruins

Hello, I am Tomoya Watanabe (the University of Tsukuba/ College of international studies).

This time I write an article about the castle ruins in Yoshinuma district.

It seems that there were five small castles in Yoshinuma area. These five castle halls were concentrated in a small area about 1 km north to south and 500 m east to west. In the past, the Yoshinuma district itself was a fortified city, and it seems that there was a fort to protect its surroundings. This castle wall is very rare because it is hard to find in Japan, but it is rarely seen in Yoshinuma right now.

The first place to introduce is Otsubokan. This is a castle that would have been next to Daishoji Temple. But now it no longer exists. From the north to the west, the lower rice fields, which seemed to have acted as moats, have been turned over and there are still a few earthworks, but the entire structure has been changed to cemeteries and houses, and the remains are unclear.

This is the ruins of Kasane Castle, but it is no longer there. However, there was a recreation of the gate at that time on the site, and it was thought that there was a castle here once. There are also many fine houses around the castle ruins, and there may be some connection.

Next is Kurisaki Castle. The castle is said to have been built in the 16th century, but currently only has an earthworks. And on this site, the Shohuku-ji Temple introduced in another article was built. I want to see the old castle once. (Photo is Shohukuji)

Above, we have introduced the castle ruins of Yoshinuma. It is a pity that all castles are missing now, but it is very emotional to think that they were there in the past. Please come and visit here.


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